Learn about three card porker and its rise to fame

Three card poker is quite a famous casino game among people. As its name suggests, it is a poker-based game and comes with abridged rules. Players are provided with three cards for each hand, and the aim is to hit the dealer's hand. This variation was founded in 1994, and now it has become one of the latest and most widely played table games in casinos. Despite its brief history, three card poker gained too much fame all around the world compared to blackjack and roulette.

The game was designed to mix exciting poker elements with the fast speed of normal betting games. Derek Webb was the founder of three card poker and he ensured to set the game rules that are easy to understand, high-payouts that can grab the attention of players, and the correct house edge that makes it lucrative for casinos while not disappointing bettors. A few casino establishments have to make small changes in the payouts so that the house edge can vary depending on the establishment. But, the regular version of three-card poker sustains a low-house edge of approximately 3%.

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Ways to Play Three-Card Poker

The goal of playing the three card poker online is simple – beat the dealer with a player three-card hand.

  • - First of all, you will need to place an Ante bet. This is the point where you also have the option to place side bets such as a Six-Card Bonus bet, a Pair Plus bet, or both.
  • - You can use the chip display for changing your bet value and you can also see denominations that are concealed by your existing balance.
  • - In the next step, the dealer will be dealt 3 cards face-down and you will be dealt 3 cards face-up. Now if you feel convinced with your cards, you can select Play for placing a wager equal to your Ante wager, or you can select Fold.

As soon as you have placed your first bet, you will notice some additional options on screen; the Double button let you twice over bets up to the higher limit, plus you can also use the Repeat button for repeating all wagers from the final round. One deck of 52 cards is used to play live three card poker excluding the joker, and all the cards are jumbled up after every game round. The cards are positioned in descending order plus the ace can be either low or high.

What makes a good three-card poker website?

If you are interested in playing online casino games, you will need to make sure that you are using a reputed and trusted casino platform. Seek a casino platform that is regulated and licensed by a trustworthy gaming authority. One more vital thing to seek is superior customer service options. Search for various options to get in touch with customer service. The best ideal would be the go through the customer reviews and testimonials to know about their experience and website’s performance. Do not forget to check out the booking options while picking an online casino. Seek a method that you can easily use, like low or no-fee credit card deposits.
When it comes to the three-card poker game, you need to check the payouts at a specific casino. Although there are regular payouts you can usually expect, a few casinos will have a dissimilar payout structure. Three Card Poker comes in different variants, and you will need to decide which variant you wish to play. You should seek a casino that provides every version of the three-card poker. Some other major things to consider are progressive jackpot bonuses, a mini royal category, and the bonus options. Most online casinos provide all these, while some others don’t.

Three Card Poker Variations

As we have already mentioned that three card poker comes in different variant, so let’s take a look at some of the popular variants you can try.

In Macau, various three-card poker games are also known as Fortune Three-Card Poker. Q Poker is another version that is close to three-card poker. The Macau variant of the game has a few differences. The first difference is that the dealer doesn’t hold a qualify hand value. You need to beat the dealer’s cards despite their value for winning the round. Also, the casino takes 5% commission from every winning hand. Also, this version has a house edge of 2.5%, which is slightly higher.

2. Ultimate Three Card Poker

This is one of the most famous versions of three-card poker. This game is very much similar to the standard Three Card Poker. The main attraction of this version is that you can increase your ante wager up to three times on your play wager. You can only do this if you have a pair in your hand. Or else the play wager has to be equivalent to the Ante wager. This version also consists of another essential bet known as the blind bet. This should be equivalent to your ante stake.

3. Face Up Three Card Poker or California Three Card Poker

As its name suggests, this version is quite common and famous in California casinos. There are some slight changes in the rules in this version. One major difference is the reduction of both the ante bonus payouts and the Pairplus bonus bet. Another huge difference is that one croupier’s card has to be dealt face-up. This aids you to decide to raise or fold your hand.

4. Three Card Prime

This version is enjoyed nearly the same as standard Three Card Poker. The main differences are the accumulation of bonus stakes. This variation provides all three of the standard side bonus wagers i.e., Six-Card, Prime, and Pairplus. Besides these options in bonus, you will notice a bad beat payout. It costs nothing extra for the bettors to engage in. this additional payout is given when the gambler loses with better or a straight. This variation also has a less common rule in which, all ties are thought to be a player win. All those extra features reduce the house advantage.

5. Three Card Brag

It is interesting to know that the original Three Card Poker game is derived from a game known as Three Card Brag. Well, that’s a British variant of Three Card Poker . The rules are the same however have some slight differences.


Whatever we learned about three card poker online, it is a luck-based game with a logically low house edge. This game has simple rules, and the strategies are also easy to remember, thus it is simple to enjoy the lowest house edge. Once you consider all the tips, you will surely spend a great time and perhaps gather some great winnings during your gaming session. So don’t wait further, go and enjoy playing Three Card Poker.

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