Teen Patti – fun to play and easy to learn

Teen Patti also called Flash, is a stimulating Indian card game that has emerged from the Indian subcontinent. Today, players from all around the world enjoy playing this exciting game. This game is similar to poker because it developed from the foreign game, called three-card brag. Teen Patti is a game of luck compared to other versions of poker games. You can play this card game with a single deck of cards.

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Teen Patti variations

If you continue to play Teen Patti always, you may get fed up very easily. That’s why people have developed various other versions of this card game to make it fun can more exciting. Indians enjoy playing all the available variations in parties or marriage ceremonies. Let’s have a look at some of the most famous variations of the Teen Patti card game that you can enjoy on live teenpatti casino.

1. 999

It is a cool version of the Teen Patti card game where your objective is to reach the 999. In this variation, number 9 from any suits holds the most value. You will have to hold three 9s to get the best hand. In this variation, the face cards i.e., 10, J, Q, K have zero value. Other cards possess the same value because ace and number cards are considered 1. If your opponent has A-A-A and you have A-9-10, then you will win the hand.

2. 10XBOOT

This variation is pretty much similar to the standard Teen Patti game. The single difference between the standard Teen Patti and this variation is that when you play 10xboot, the value of boot will be ten times higher than the standard boot value. Players prefer to play this variation to win a huge sum of money. If you are an experienced player of a Teen Patti card game, then you should certainly play variations like 10xboot or 4xboot.

3. AK47

It is another highly played and unique variation. In these variations, players consider 7, 4, K, and Ace (AK47) of all suits as jokers. You can form variations by using the joker cards. For instance, if you get a set of 4-7-king, you can count these cards as A-A-A and obtain the highest valued hands.

4. Muflis

It is a fun variant of Teen Patti. This card game turns the rules and regulations of Patti upside down. This variant works as lowball poker. In this variation, the hand rankings are similar however the sequence is reversed. You are wagering on the lowest hand. In the case of the showdown, you will win your hand if you have the lowest-ranked hand. In this Teen Patti variation, the lowest hands like 2-4-9 are considered valuable, while the highest hand like A-A-A is the worst hand.

5. Highest card joker

This variation is contrary to the lowest-card joker. In this variation, the maximum valued card will have a value of a joker card. Other rules stay the opposite or the same as the lowest card joker version.

6. Lowest card joker

It is one of the most popular versions of Teen Patti. This variation is quite easier than the standard Teen Patti game as it also contains jokers. The unique thing about this version is the lowest valued cards exist in your hand. If there are two same lowest-valued cards, they will work as a joker. But, all the other regulations stay the same as normal Teen Patti game.

Steps to Play Teen Patti

  • - Every player in the Teen Patti game tosses the smallest wager into the pot.
  • - The croupier deals out a single card at a time until every player contains three cards face-down.
  • - The game begins with the gambler sitting to the left side of the croupier and that player can either play his/her hand “seen” or “blind”, which impacts the money they can wager per round.
  • - Despite whether a player is playing “seen” or “blind”, then the players have to select whether to fold or bet. The bet, a player add into the pot is known as “chaal” and should be equal to the preceding player’s bet or 6x, 4x, 2x depending on how they’re playing the game.
  • - The rounds persist until either all but single player folds and that player wins the whole pot or two persons remain in the end and one player requests a show.

Teen Patti lovers can discover the best casino website online. The unique thing is that you can enjoy playing your preferred card game live. Now, there are plenty of modern casinos that contain best-class Teen Patti game software, you can enjoy playing live game sessions at any of your selected casinos. The websites make sure advanced live gaming session where gamblers can revive the real Teen-Patti experience. With live dealers placing bets, sharing cards, announcing wins and every action transmitted in high-definition through well-equipped casino studios, every player can enjoy playing real-time immersive Teen Patti. Teenpatti live casino games have won the hearts of more people across the globe because of the simplicity of learning how to play the game.

Top benefits of Teen Patti card game There are so many benefits of Teen Patti live games. Some of the common advantages are given below -

  • You don’t require paying to play: you will not have to pay a single penny to enjoy playing the Teen Patti game. There are so many online casino games that provide you with Teen Patti chips, and you will not need to make any deposit. Most Teen Patti games are presented by free service providers and this is perfect for the normal player. This lets you play more and hone your skills without losing your money.
  • Better chance to bluff: online Teen Patti games have the benefit that your challenger can’t see your non-verbal cues or facial expressions to tell if you’re bluffing.
  • Social interaction: whether you are enjoying to play Teen Patti in person or online, it is a social game that will allow you to make new friends and boost your social circle. Also, you can get the chance to meet people from different regions, backgrounds, and countries via a common activity that you can relate to and love.
  • Ease of playing from home: the best thing about playing the Teen Patti card game online is that you can enjoy playing this game without going anywhere. You can spend your free time while playing Teen Patti online card game with new people and friends without stress. This lets you enjoy the experiences and fun that come with online Teen Patti chips in the ease of your house.
  • Rules are enforced: another benefit of enjoying the Teen Patti game online is that the regulations are set in advance and it is difficult for any player to break them. This leaves fewer chances for cheating and the game becomes more credible.


Online Teen Patti games are best to wind up with family and friends or meeting new people. As a player, you can get better when you play this thrilling game that is turning to more famous around the globe. It’s similarities to normal poker make it simple to learn. Through the online Teen Patti game, you can practise your tactics often.

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